4 Powerful Tips for Super Strong Mind

Hello friends!! Welcome to Uttarakhandsservices. I'm Anshu Singh and today I'm going to discuss 4 Powerful Tips for Super Strong Mind. So, please read this post till the end to know more about it.

Among all the parts of our body. The mind is superior because it gives instructions to the body. It makes the body active but the body cannot make the mind act, that's the power of the mind. Because of the mind, we are good, we are bad, we are friends, we are enemies, all this because of the mind only.

You know that negative and evil mind thought. So, which are making destruction to our personal to professional life. The outcome of our weak mind or the symptoms of weak mind are irritation, losing temper, low confidence, fear, confusion, inferior or superior complexes, negative feelings, negative feelings, negative thinkings, killing others, committing to suicide all these outcomes are because of mind.

You know that the strong mind acts as friends. Focus on a good friend to us. And weak mind, the frustrated mind will act as an enemy to us. So to control our mind. So, I'm going to share four important tips which are going to work very effectively.

1) Control over Thoughts

In a day we get 5-7 thousand out of waste 95% are useless. So, absorb what type of thoughts you are getting So have control over thoughts. Most of the thoughts related to past or future or thoughts are related to others.

Others are useless. So that's why always instructions to your mind. Give instructions commanding to our minds that think about the past, don't worry about the future, don't think about evil, don't think any kind of things, and control your thoughts.

Give instructions this is possible through the talk. Daily have self-talk, morning 5 minutes thoughts and 5 minutes the night before sleep. Just talk to yourself How was your behavior? How was your career? Where are you going? and what are you doing?

Just observe and give instructions to yourself. Give advice to yourself.

Suppose some friends come to you and asking for help or advice. What do you do? The something you do yourself? That is the power of self-talk. Don't think about the past. Past cannot be changed. So always control over your thoughts.

Don't worry about any kind of incidents. Past incidents can you change? No, you can't change it. What you changed it. Present and future that you changed it.

2) Decision Making

How you make the decision? When problems come to you? Don't worry. Problems are quite common. So rather than worrying about problems visualize the solution, visualize the alternatives.

How many alternatives are there? The first alternative, second alternative, third alternative like you visualize the alternatives and visualize each alternative and each solution.

Imagine that if this is the solution what's going to happen. Like you can visualize, go ahead and make the decision yourself.

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Adversity is common. Adversity means bad periods. Bad periods are quite common. So, whenever bad periods come that is only for some days. Be dynamic when adversity comes. Double your energy. Double your thought, double your activities, be very active, and face it.

That's it that is your life. Don't worried about decision-making. Handle your decisions, handle your problems property. Action planning is very important.

3) Say Goodbye to negative peoples

You have a lot of peoples, a lot of friends, good friends or bad friends whatever it may be. You know if you do friendship with anyone after six months he will become you and you will become them. Means changing of thoughts, changing of activities, changing of characters that's why choose good friends always.

In the beginning, only you find out they are good or bad. If they are good just go ahead have a friendship with qualities and be associate with them.

But if you find any negative qualities just goodbye to them and maintain a hi-bye friendship with them and take don't take any negative qualities. Always keep good thoughts, good friends, with you.

Reading is also a very good habit, good people which enhance mental health. Always read good books as the maximum book you read. So, if you keep read books automatically your mind shift to mental status.

The best books are Swamivivekanand literature. Just go ahead and read this type of plenty of books available in the market. So, keep reading good books and stop negative thoughts. In that, you can stop the negative thoughts.

4)Meditation and breathing

Most of the time we do exercises for our body only what about the mind? Our mind also needs some good exercises. What kind of exercises. 5-10 minutes of meditation in the morning. So, that relaxes your mind.

Keep your mind cool that will make your mind pleasant also. So, that's why go for meditation and breathing exercises.

Keep your mind more strong drink plenty of water. All these things are very good for your mind. So, this everything because of your willpower, strong activity, and determination.

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