How to use Sunlight as Medicine for Your Body | What are The Benefits of Sunlight?

Hello friends!! I'm Anshu Singh. In today's post we discuss How to use Sunlight as Medicine | What are The Benefits of Sunlight?. So, please read this post till the end to know more about the benefits of sunlight.

In this post, we have a tendency to discuss however you'll be able to harness power from the sun to be your fittest, healthiest self. We
will method to require daylight within the right way at the proper time within the right amount.

So, it can be an operating hospital for your body Associate in Nursingd for good cure diseases we are going to additionally learn an ancient however terribly trending the practice referred to as sungazing.

We will discuss specifically a way to get laid and the way it'll improve your concentration and increase your intuition.

Sunlight is food for our cells and while not it, our organs can't perform properly. Nonetheless, most of our bodies are starving for daylight. we've got crammed our homes with fancy things so they need become places we have a tendency to never need to go away.

Nature is being replaced with gadgets and daylight with artificial light-weight. we have a tendency to awaken during a closed space shower during a closed bathroom get into a closed elevator into a closed automobile and drive to figure wherever we have a tendency to pay all day operating during a closed room.

From recreation to sport to buy we've got caged ourselves into a point nothing will get out. And if we have a tendency to do exit, we have a tendency to wear such a large amount of creams and vesture thus no verbal description of daylight falls on our skin.

Unfortunately, God has not tailored our bodies to measure while not daylight.

Sunlight has been the biological would like for US humans and since we're not obtaining it, several things are beginning to fail. Most folks ar beginning to feel unhappy. As a society, we're perpetually beneath stress or anxiety.

'Depression' has become a typical state of mind and we have a tendency to pop pills to feel happy however will we be happy if we have a tendency to shut ourselves in darkness?

Some folks are having issues sleeping, et al is having issues respiratory. the shortage of daylight is also poignant children's ability to find out to recollect.

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On a physical level, it's softening our bones, and issues like pathology, cervical, inflammatory disease constant back and knee pains, that once solely USed have an effect on our grandparents have become common even amongst our youth.

Hard to note within the starting, however, the shortage of daylight is disrupting the natural functioning of the organs of our duct gland, ovaries, heart, skin, and that we have gotten diseases like polygenic disorder, PCOD, hormonal imbalance, thyroid, acne, psoriasis, and high-pressure level

Now, the answer is straightforward From an internal generation, we've got to become an out of doors generation. We have to let daylight back into our lives once more.

Sunlight is the original medication that humans are victimization to for thousands of years. Our forefathers used to worship the sun as a divinity of health and happiness.

In our religious writing Indian texts, it's the same that The sun will heal something.

The Gayatri Mantra was sung as a prayer to the Sun God UN agency is named Suryanarayana. Suryanamaskar or sun salutations were done each morning to learn the body of exercise yet because of the sun.

In Germany daylight was wont to treat war wounds once troopers fighting in wars got shooting wounds instead of wrapping wounds with a bandage, the military doctors exposed it to the sun for many hours every day.

Sunlight was used as Associate in Nursing antiseptic. In Rome, they practiced star design. a real creator was looked at as somebody was additionally had the data of health and designed buildings with the foremost daylight.

In Greece, they used 'HELIOTHERAPY' which means victimization daylight as medication. In Italy, they created a sunstruck hospital rooms patients UN agency placed in sunstruck hospital rooms well abundant quicker than patients in rooms that which received no daylight.

All across the globe, daylight was used as a medication. one thing thus logic has become uncommon to us today. So come, let's be the generation UN agency brings back these forgotten truths.

Let's learn the way you'll be able to create your body a bit of marvel by everyday sun-charging. during this post, we'll
discuss 2 powerful ways to sun-charge your body.


which essentially implies that you go outside for concerning half-hour a day and expose your body to the sun. Look, bathing that we have a tendency to do with water a day is simply one variety of bathing. It solely cleans your external body.

Sunbathing is important for cleansing your internal body. once wheat or rice in our room catches worms or starts to smell unhealthy, we have a tendency to place it beneath the sun and it gets pure why?

Why the sunlight each day?


1) Daylight may be a natural disinfectant

Molds, fungus, that you just won't even a way to exist within.

2) Daylight may be a powerful detoxifier

When daylight falls on our skin, our skin feels a bit heat. That's once daylight is penetrating deep into your skin and reaching the blood passing through your arteries so, your blood gets circulated.

Blood that was antecedently exhausting and clogged up places into motion. The toxins and impurities in your blood is additionally circulated so finally excreted through sweat or pee.

After sunbathing, most people's pee turns yellow. That is a signal of a lot of toxins being free from the body.

In your skin, there are thousands of very little pores per sq in. once these pores become closed as a result of dirt or the other matter, the waste will not exit the skin and it offers rise to several diseases.

By giving them the sunshine heat of the sun, these pores are unfolded, and waste accumulated in these pores exits out through the skin.

3) Daylight is important to keep up skin health

Combine a day sunbathing with a 16-hour fast, enema, wet pack, and correct diet. All skin issues can vanish at intervals a number of months, be it acne, psoriasis, eczema, anything. See, our water contaminated. Our air is contaminated. Our food is contaminated.

4) Daylight is that the sole supply of energy that's 100% uncontaminated and continuously is going to be.

Where to Sunbathe?

Any place wherever daylight will directly reach you. Balcony, verandah, roof, park, beach.

Best time to Sunbathe?

Morning or evening. you would like the sunshine of the sun, not the warmth of the sun. Morning is that the best time as a result of at this point, the sun isn't terribly robust.

How long to sunbathe?

Approximately half-hour. First, expose your front body for a quarter-hour and so your back body for a quarter-hour. As presently as you begin sweating, stop sunbathing, and are available back within. you want to run on a daily basis. Make it a lifestyle and continue it throughout life.

What to wear?

It's best to sun with no garments. however, if you cannot realize a personal spot OR wear as very little garments as attainable, ideally white cotton garments. Cotton without delay absorbs the sunshine of the sun. No point in sunbathing sporting thick layers of garments, synthetics, or polyester.

Also, do not run through a glass window. It isn't effective. leave and sun within the open. therefore you get the complete spectrum of the sun. whereas sunbathing, bear in mind to a specific feeling.

Say many thanks to the sun for causation out it's healing energies to you. Develop a relationship with the sun. Trust me, it is a stunning relationship.

To make the simplest use of it slow mix sunbathing with the other activity like reading a book or listening to a lecture. Don't be concerned, you will not tan. It's solely the cruel afternoon sun that pigments our skin.

Sunbathing is for everybody not simply the sick. Children, young, old, everyone will copulate.

Never use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the foremost cyanogenic stuff you will apply to your body. you are virtually baking all those chemicals into your skin pores, that open up once exposed to heat from the sun. These chemicals go deep within our skin tissues due to the external pressure of the sun.

It's ne'er the sun provides that offers America cancer however the chemicals within the cream that give America cancer. to safeguard yourself from the robust afternoon daylight. Use a hat or cowl your head with artifact. Use physical protection instead of chemicals.

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