What is Cancer? | And why Breast Cancer becomes the Woman major problem now a days.


Hey guys! I'm Anshu Singh, in this article I want to discuss What is  Cancer?  And why Breast Cancer becomes the Woman's major problem nowadays? So please read at the end of the post, so that you can learn more about health & fitness.


As we all know that cancer is the leading cause of death. Per day many people die only due to this disease. And because of cancer peoples face a lot of problems regarding health.  But Breast cancer is the major issue of the woman in today's Era. So let us know &  discuss all these things regarding cancer especially breast cancer.  


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 What is Cancer?

Many cells die and fashioned in our bodies daily. Generally, the method of formation of cells is greatly inflated. If they must become quite that that isn't true in any respect. These cells don't work, they're unwanted cells. These area units simply those body tissues, they keep pushing or pressing, that cells(or tissues)actually works within the body.

Whatever food we have a tendency to eat, drink water, or take gas. we have a tendency to get nutrition from them. However, rather than golf stroke all this nutrition within the body, these cells I think which sort of damages the body. We have a tendency to decision these cells cancer cells.


"Cancer could also be a cluster of health problem of involving abnormal growth of cells/tissues with potential to unfold to the other components of the body"


Why is that the fast growth of Cancer?

The main reason for the fast growth(climb) of cancer is that the incontrovertible fact that cells migrate throughout the complete body. This is often cited as metastasizing. Throughout a healthy body, trillions of cells grow and divide for the body daily operate. New cells come about of previous or broken cells as they die. Cancer disrupts this technique and leads to abnormal growth in cells. It's caused by changes or mutations in deoxyribonucleic acid.


What area unit the varied forms of Cancer?

There area unit over 100 different kinds of cancer. every kind is classed by the kind of cell the Cancer originates from. As an example breast cell, lung cell, etc. Each kind of cancer usually represents one among three categories:

1. Carcinomas area unit cancers that arise from cells that line a body surface or the liner of AN organ.
For example, the skin, lining of the gut, mouth, neck of the womb(cervix).

2. Sarcomas area unit cancers that frame the connective tissues like bones or muscles. For example, AN sarcoma may be a cancer of bone tissue.

3. Leukaemias and liquid matter area unit sq. measures cancers of cells in the bone marrow and bodily fluid glands. as an example leukemias could also be The Cancer of cells that make white blood cells.

Lists of cancer
The five commonest cancers area unit carcinoma, glandular cancer, internal organ cancer, skin cancer, etc.


How common is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is the most typical cancer in girls. Carcinoma may be a serious unwellness. One out of each 2 girls in our country dies because of carcinoma.


Overview of Breast Cancer

When cells within the breast grow out of management is thought of as carcinoma.

Nowadays cancer unwellness is increasing in no time. carcinoma is turning into a really common unwellness. Carcinoma is found largely within the girls of the town. In India, the probabilities of cancer area unit terribly high in urban areas like Old Delhi, Mumbai.


What area unit the categories of breast cancer?

Their area unit varied forms of carcinoma and that the area unit was broken into 2 main categories:

1)Invasive: Invasive cancer has unfolded from the breast ducts or glands to alternative elements of the breast.

2)Noninvasive: noninvasive cancer has not unfolded from the first tissues.


What are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

The various symptoms are listed below:

1. Lump in the breast but all lumps are not breast cancer
2. Breast thickening
3. Nipple inward
4. Lump or swelling in the armpit
5. Changes or discharge in the nipple, which can sometimes cause blood.
6. Change in breast size/shape
7. Redness or shrinkage of breast skin


What are the Risk factors for Breast Cancer?

The various risk factor are as follow:

1. In Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer increases due to hormonal imbalance. Female hormones or estrogen hormones cause breast cancer.

2. This cancer has been seen more with increasing age. This change is more in a 50-year-old man or woman.

3. If someone in the family has breast cancer, then there is a higher chance of others getting breast cancer.

4. Smoking or drinking alcohol can also occur.

5. Radiation-Talking on the phone is not radiation. Many times many people have tumors, due to which they have given radiation. This radiation can also occur in breast cancer.


What are the Reasons for Breast Cancer?

The following reasons for breast cancer are listed below: 

1) Oestrogen hormone:   Estrogen is a hormone found in the body. Girls have more hormones than boys. As soon as estrogen is developed in the body, then the brain only signals to the body that the breast has to be developed.

It is a natural process. Many times estrogen starts coming out of the body, then multiplication of cells starts, the development of cells increases. Because of which there is a high chance of getting breast cancer.

2) Not eating properly, not resting, not exercising, live under stress, it can also lead to breast cancer.

3) Some women have the highest chances of getting breast cancer. The first woman whose period comes before the age of 12 or 13 years. And other women whose period goes after 55 years.

4) Women who use contraceptive pills or birth control pills more, may also have a chance of getting breast cancer.

5) Unhealthy lifestyle: Unhealthy lifestyles like drinking, cigarettes, eating tobacco, drinking alcohol, not sleeping on time, getting up late, being overweight, not exercising.

6) Wearing the wrong size bra, itching in the breast, pain, or knotting or swollen can also cause breast cancer.


How to avoid?

Whatever the reasons are for breast cancer, if we avoid them, then the chances of getting breast cancer is very low.


Treatment for Breast Cancer


Clinical Examination: Clinical examination means getting a specialist to perform an examination. Experts in clinical examination are seen by doctors, like a Professional Surgical Oncologist or a cancer specialist.


Ultrasound and mammography: The second step consists of mammography. Most of the ultrasound is preferred for women who are less than 40 years of age. But in women who are more than 40 years of age, both ultrasound and mammography are done.


In this step, a needle is tested, which is called Afinecy or Fine Needle Aspiratory Psychology. The second way is to take a biopsy with a thick needle, which is also called a biopsy.


What are the stages of Breast Cancer?

There are two main stages of breast cancer, which are as follows:

Stage 1: If the lump is less than 2 cm, it is counted in stage 1.
Stage 2: If the lump is within 2–5 cm, then it is counted in stage 2.

"Stage 1 and stage 2 are included in early Breast Cancer. Most people recover from early Breast cancer"



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