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 In India various games that we play like cricket, chess, badminton, field hockey, tennis, association football, and golf. As we know sports and games are important for us but how? This is a big question. We have various thoughts in our mind regarding games and sports, how we play the game and where to play, is it important for our health or not? So without wasting our time any more. Let's know and discuss all these things, and know what is game and where to play?



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What is sports and games?

Sports Associate in Nursingd games may be outlined as an activity that involves the recreational exercise of a helpful physical talent for a purpose aside from its utilization in way of life. Example competition or pleasure.

Man could be a social being. Games and sports activities facilitate America to cultivate social qualities of behavior. individuals happiness to totally different economic standing, castes, and religions act with each other throughout competitions.

They develop understanding, love, friendship, and sympathy. When an Associate in Nursing athlete or sportsman lacerate every member of the sports pay attention and provides relief.

Games like soccer, basketball, hockey, and volleyball develop shared aims and cooperation.



What is the requirement(need) of the outside(outdoor) games?

"All work and no play makes Jack a boring boy" goes the old saying. the event of the body is as important as that of the mind. Outside games keep the body match. they're food for the body the mind and faith for the soul. Outside Games and sports keep the body match and free America from diseases. If health is wealth games and sports square measure the suggests that to induce it.

Outdoor games and sports square measure terribly helpful for America. they supply contemporary O and build America a lot of activity. It removes the dullness of our life. If we tend to feel bored we tend to play games. It recovers the lost energy and makes America a lot of activity.



What square measure the values of the outside(outdoor) games?

1. Outdoor games build America disciplined in our life, Sportsmen square measure the samples of it. They follow the rules and rules in their games also as in their life. Therefore, sportsmen square measure the foremost disciplined persons than others.

2. Games and sports develop the spirit of equity. they're complete with the shared aims and tells the importance of cooperation. With this quality, they live identical community life and square measure unselfish in their nature.

3.Games and sports square measure essential for each student. Some students neglect outside games and think this is often nonsensical and a waste of your time, however, they're wrong. Students ought to be part of the school games and sports. Games square measure essential for them.


4. It additionally kindles the leadership within the students. they're the longer-term national and leaders of the people. in order that they got to play outside games.

5. It is terribly discouraging that our Indian players won only a few medals within the Olympic games.  The performance of our sportsmen wasn't therefore smart within the Olympic games and alternative numerous competitions. So, the govt. ought to kindle their interest.



Are there any disadvantages of outside games?

Excess of everything may be unhealthy. Likewise, an excessive amount of taking part in outside games might not be such a great plan. The disadvantages of the outside games will be:

1. Injury risk. you may in risk of lacerate after you taking part in sports.
2. Sports can also flip you into an aggressive human.
3. Careful, sometimes sports can also cause you to stress.
4. Sports can also build time up to now.
5. Sports injuries may be very dangerous.
6. At times boys and women get therefore excited that they place a lot of physical strain on their bodies. This causes hurt to their physical and mental fitness.



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