How to overcome mood swings and shyness of Emotional development?

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Mood Swings 

In every human life Adolescence is a period of changes & adjustments. In this stage teenagers suffering from mood swings, stress, depression, frustration, and attention due to hormonal changes in their bodies. These changes happen in the lives of teenagers they gradually start distancing from their parents, friends, relatives & others.

At this stage of life, children want freedom/independence, they don't want to listen to orders from their elders. Life is not easy in that situation, they have a lot of anxiety or anger. Everyone suffers from that situation. one time they laugh but the next they suffer from depression. These mood swings are normal and happen in the adolescence stage of life.

Causes of Mood Swings

1. physical changes
2. Manage social life and adjust with others especially elders
3. Growing sense of independence and individuality
4. Emotional/mental changes

Other emotions based on that you want something from your life and you don't get it, this creates frustration,anger. This is because of exaggeration anger an unrealistic state of mind.

For example:
When we are angry from our friend then we focus on their bad qualities and we don't want to see their good qualities.But due to anger we ignore their good habits, and we totally focus theirs bad habits and due to focus only bad things into them, that irritate us.

And then we build anger and insult or harm them. Everyone feels anger in their life on different degrees.Anger is only temporary emotion.Anger cause because of these reasons- Stess, Pressure, Lack of sleep, Hunger, Lack of self-cofidence,jealousy, poor personality, etc..

To overcome from mood swings:

1.Talk to someone who always ready to listen and trust you heartlly .
2.Take full night rest.Go early to bed and early wake up.
3.Do something creative just like panting, writing, dancing, etc.
4.Avoid over react to every situations.
5.Engage in physical excercises and games.
6.Handle your emotions through discipline and try to communicate your feelings to others .
6.Simply wait for mood to pass.


Shyness means lack of comfort or feeling owkward when a person is around with another person. A shy person is nervous in unfamiliar situation or when they intract with other peoples. People who suffer from syness may grow out of shyness as they mature. A shy people have few friends and participate less in any activity or fun.

They don't want to interact with other people or activities like music, sports, dance drama or music.Shy people may face loneliness, but shy student perform well in schools, behave normally, and listen carefully to others.

Causes of shyness

1.Genetics behaviour
2.Emotionally sensitive
3.lack of social interaction
4.Fear of failure

To overcome from Shyness:

1. Talk about the reasons for shyness with your mother, father, friends, or any trusted person.
2. Ask your parents, teachers, friends or others to tell you about shy when they are and how they overcome from their shyness.
3. Try to intract with different or other peoples.
4. Set your goals setting and take small steps to remove your shyness.


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