How to overcome Negative Thoughts

Hello friends!! Welcome to Uttrakhandsservices.I'm Anshu Singh and today I'm going to discuss How to control thoughts?. This is very important. So, how do we control this?

We get two kinds of thoughts-
1> Positive Thought
2> Negative Thought

Most of them turn negative rather than positive. Negative thoughts are dominating a lot. Negative thoughts going to place in mind. So, how do we control it? So, the simple 5 tips I'll tell you, follow these tips, definitely not having any negative thoughts anymore. No negative thoughts no tensions. So, the 5 tips are-

1) Be Conscious of Your Thoughts

Whatever thoughts you are getting please absorb them. Be conscious of whether it's positive or negative. Negative means how much it defects. Is it spoiling your mode, observe it, and if you find any negative things, ignore it and put a rubber band in your hand.

Regularly wear a rubber band on your right hand, if you are getting negative thoughts. Whenever you get negative thoughts, pulling and leave it the rubber band. So, you get pain in your hand. Then automatically it will stop whenever you get negative thoughts.

Just do it 2-3 days are enough to wear a rubber band on hand. So, this you can do according to the thoughts.

Over Thinking

Never go for overthinking. Don't overthink about any problem, anything, any tension about anyone. This overthinking leads to definitely negative thoughts. Think positive as much as possible.

What is required think about it, take a decision, do some solution but don't go for overthinking. This going to leads to your negative thoughts.

2) Avoid Triggers

What is leading to your negative thoughts? Any incident or any particular people or any particular place. What is triggering you what you identify then automatically you can avoid the incident, that people, that place take a decision? This is not good. You ask some questions yourself that will give you guidance, this is good, this is bad.

How do I guide myself, maybe having a question? I'll tell you if someone asking you some questions. How do you give suggestions? How do you mentor? How does your council? How do you become a philosopher to them?

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In the same way, you are questions only to guide yourself. So, that way what is triggering you? Whose triggering you? Whose making a negative impact on you? That you identify and avoid these things. This is very important.

3) Keep Yourself Busy

Whenever you're getting negative thoughts keep yourself as much as possible busy. Your schedule should be busy. You will not grab any thoughts, you not have any negative thoughts. How to keep yourself busy? Do some work like if you are a homemaker cleaning, cooking, try new inventions, learn anything.

So, all there you are done. If you are a businessman or entrepreneur or if you are an employee anyone keeps you busy. There are 100 ways. So, learn any good things, learn any subject, learn any language. Learn your hobbies, watch movies, go to your park to learn yoga. Go for meditation lot of ways to keep yourself busy.

So, when you are busy no negative thoughts. Trust me and go ahead, after one or two days our mind will be fresh.

4) Get Enough Sleep

"Restless mind leads to negative thoughts". So, that's why always give enough rest to your body and go for Yoga Nidra. This going to stop all negative thoughts. This you can do calm down your body and mind. You have plenty of rest for the body and mind. You have a peaceful life.

Meditation is also good, five minutes of meditation by putting any meditation going to leads your peaceful life, no negative thoughts at all. So, that's why keep yourself plenty of rest. So, that you will be fresh. At least, it will prevent, stop that negative thought that you can do it.

5) Listen to Music

Music heals all kinds of problems. A negative thought will easily prevent. When you listen to music automatically mind is busy listening to that music. It will hum and sing. Do you know that 25 minutes of listening to any kind of music, prevents all kinds of problems, no tension at all?

So that's why to go for music to listen to it. Music is like a mood changer and mood swings that it will establish. So the positive effect will find on this by music therapy.

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