What is Constipation | How can we prevent it?

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what is Constipation?

Constipation could be a disruption in traditional internal organ movements like stool, feces, poop.

What is Constipation | How can we prevent it?

What will it look like?

Normally, folks have an internal organ movement(BM), daily or each different day.

If you are doing not have a shitting for over 2 days, the stools will become laborious and tough to pass.

This can result in abdominal discomfort, bloating, nausea. moreover as pain, blood within the stool, or hemorrhoids.

Who gets it?

Anyone will doubtless expertise constipation.

General risk factors are:

#Poor diet


#Decreased activity

Patients with cancer can have a better risk of constipation thanks to many further factors.

If there's a tumor within the intestines or body part, it will directly block stool from moving through the channel that prevents the power to have a shitting.

Certain therapy medicine will cause constipation by decelerating the movement of food through the channel.

Strong pain medications, like opioids, square measure a standard reason for constipation.

Opioids prevent the intestines from inflicting the stool to maneuver through them slower than traditional. Samples of opioids are-

# Morphine

# Oxycodone

# Hydrocodone

# painkiller

# Fentanyl

This kind of constipation can solely depart once opioids square measure stopped.

The longer stool sits within the colon or body part, a lot of water is absorbed, and also the tougher stool will become thus laborious that it sounds like

a rock.

If you're taking pain medications, you will have to be compelled to take Docusate or bush daily to stop constipation.

Docusate+Senna is combined in one pill called "Senna-S".

If you're taking bush or Docusate and still constipated, speak to your doctor or health care provider regarding further laxative choices that square measure safe

for you.


How can we prevent it?

Walking helps stimulates the bowel to maneuver stool down the internal organ tract.

Check with your doctor before beginning an associate exercise program.

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How else will we tend to stop constipation?

Fruits like Apples, peaches, prunes, prune juice, and raspberries could facilitate.

Vegetables like beans, broccoli, corn, peas.

In addition to grains like whole grains bread, oatmeal, raw fruit, veggies. Fiber will be purchased at your pharmacy or grocery as a tablet or powder supplement.

Fiber supplements, like Spanish psyllium, work by gripping the water you drink and lockup it into the stool to stop it from hardening.

After intermixture Spanish psyllium with water, it grows in size among the bowel. Similar, to disengage a blocked drain, it works by flushing stool through

the bowel. 

How can we treat it?

There square measure several different medications that may assist you to have a shitting. Laxatives work by either inflicting the intestines to maneuver quicker or causing water to remain within the internal organ.

Because not all laxatives square measure safe for everybody, raise your doctor or health care provider before making an attempt a laxative.

Commonly accessible over-the-counter laxatives include:

# atomic number 12 turn 

# Bisacodyl 

# polythene glycol 

# Senna-S

If over-the-counter medications don't seem to be thriving, raise your doctor if one amongst these prescription medications could facilitate.

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