What is The Correct way to Breathe In and Out?

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Take a deep breath If you feel like you're going up, and getting a little bit taller, you're breathing so wrong. You've been breathing all wrong.


What is The Correct way to Breathe In and Out?


Breathing wrong is when you use your neck and shoulders to pick up your thoracic cavity. So,

do this now: 

Take a deep breath and watch, if you feel you're going up and getting a little bit taller

an then you come down and settle down your exhale, that's actually a dysfunctional breath.

At five and under, I've found that most kids breathe perfectly. So, a number of things happen

so that when you ask a 10-year-old to breathe. 

They start breathing with that upper-body breathe that's actually anatomically incongruous and leads to us being in fight and flight, more anxious having neck and shoulder pain, not being able to sleep, and having digestive problems. so, how did we get there?


What is The Correct way to Breathe In and Out?


So, number one is that child starts sitting a lot. They start going to school. we sit way too much: 13 to 16 hours a day.

Number two is injuries. If you're a little kid, and all of a sudden, you start skateboarding

or skiing anything that hurts the middle of your body, you immediately stop inhaling and expanding, because it hurts. And your breath goes all the way up here, to be an upper-body or a vertical breath. 

You start wearing waistbands, bra straps, compression garments. You start sucking in your gut and all of a sudden breathe that was perfect before you were five, turns into a dysfunctional one as an adult and it says there until you fix it, right now. 

How to breathe correctly?

A good breath, a breath that's anatomically congruous, it goes with the rest of your body, is that you inhale and you expand your body. 

Neck and shoulders don't move. You expand all the way around 360 degrees, you come forward a little bit your sides open up and even your back opens up. 

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And if you want to see what this looks like, look at your dog, your cat, your fish, any animal on the planet except for us, and you will see them breathe perfectly 360 degrees, all the way around. 

Expanding on the inhale and contracting, ringing out, getting narrower on the exhale. No neck and shoulder movement  


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