Why is Generation Gap a Problem?

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Generation Gap is now a big problem. The thinking of people makes him/her good/bad. We the people have different thinking about different things. Friends, Generation Gap is the difference in the thinking about things between you and older.

Let's take a little example of this. Our parents say that to respect elders you may touch the feet of that person. But in the advanced time, we the students often say 'Good morning'[in the morning] in order to give respect.

Friends, Generation Gap has now become a big problem. Because we do everything by our thinking. We often see our grand father's advice as cheap. But the reality may be your parents give you the best advice for your bright future.

We know that nowadays. We often do most of our work in order to display others that I am the best, but we should appreciate the thinking of our parents and guardians.

If we see the problems behind Generation Gap we see the bad situation of youngsters. Father says,"Do that". Children say, "no dad". We should not take the negativity of things, in fact, we should have positivity of negative things also.


According to science, this age in which we live in the puberty age and we called adolescence. At this time, we often do mistakes and it is the reality because in this age our thinking diverts by many things. in this situation if we face the Generation Gap problem then we might have a depression which is not very good for our health.

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If we see the parents of this advanced life we see they do not have time to give their children because of their busy life. In this situation, the children are like a Mario of mud lacking manners in the absence of their parent's giddiness.

So, we see the children have the negativity of their parents. Generation Gap is not only between parents and children but in between children and teachers also.


In fact, if we see deeply, the Generation Gap we may find death due to Generation Gap. I do not say that this problem does not have any solutions. If we think positively and talk to our elders in a very well mannered, we find that our parents also think to make their children up-to-date on all topics including our cultural and Traditional Rules that we now escape.

We should appreciate the elders' choice and their thinking but we should also present our view and then we find that our parent's thinking and our thinking are different but we can choose from these thinking.

If we follow the view of parents we see that our parents are happy and If they are happy they try to give happiness to us and we also see the positive environment around us. So overall, I would only like to say that follow your culture, be positive, follow your parent's advice with giving your views also but remember you should go with advance life and not set back.

your parents have faced all the situations in which you are, so if you take from views from them you feel good and you have the way of a bright future also. So, care for your elders.

You are the future of India, so, if you lessen Gap between your thinking and your parents' thinking, you may brighten the future of India also.


I do not say that for this you have to go back, in fact, parents may come in front of your thinking and thinks about the problem of your views and try to make it best.

At last, "Care for the thinking of elders so that they care for your thinking".

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